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Hypnotherapy for Phobias


Fear is a common, often healthy emotional response to a real or perceived threat. The purpose of fear is to keep us alive and is a vital part of our primitive survival instinct which has kept the human race going through millennia of acute physical dangers. 

While our conscious minds know we don’t have to worry about these dangers in 21st-century Britain, our brain’s fear centre hasn’t caught up yet.

It’s still on the watch for anything that might threaten our physical safety. Digital and TV adverts and 24-hour rolling news keep our primitive fear centre well fed with fright, serving up graphic images and dire daily warnings about threats to our health, finances, lives and the planet from disease, war and natural disaster.

Most of us are unaware that while our conscious minds can keep all this information in perspective, our fear centres cannot.

It thinks these threats are personal and imminent, and - left unchecked - our fear centre will keep us in a state of hyper-vigilance and over-sensitivity. This means that we live our lives in increasingly more guarded and defensive ways.

We make choices and decisions designed to protect ourselves from loss, rather than to further ourselves, and this can have a profound effect on how much we really live and enjoy our lives.

If you avoid doing something once through fear - speaking up in a meeting, going for a job interview, or asking someone out on a date - then your over-reactive fear instinct gets the message that the situation is not just a bit scary, it’s life-threatening to you. Your fear centre then tries to ‘help’ you by building your fear further. 

It’s hard to live up to your potential in life when you’re being run by fear.

In our online hypnotherapy sessions, the trance state will help you to feel calm and safe as you imagine yourself in the previously fearful situation - presenting to colleagues, say, or being interviewed for a job. This deactivates your fear centre, and really does allow you to perform at your best back in the ‘real world’.

Phobias are more acute and specific than fears. A phobic response is directed at particular objects, activities, animals or places, such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders) or agoraphobia (fear of open spaces).

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with your phobias in the same way as it can help people with fear - by calming your fight-flight-freeze responses.

If you get into the habit of feeling confident and calm whilst mentally rehearsing, during hypnotherapy, different situations in which you feel inappropriate fear or phobia, then you are quickly going to become a calmer, more confident person.


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