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Atlantic Hypnotherapy Practice Cornwall Reviews



“I booked my session with Natalie as I suddenly had a crippling fear of heights that came out of nowhere. I was quite sceptical at first but would try absolutely anything as this fear was having a major effect on my lifestyle. As we lived near the coastal paths, and being very keen walkers, walking the Southwest coast path is what we enjoyed doing in our spare time. This sudden fear and phobia was ruining every weekend, I was absolutely terrified to even go out walking for fear of another panic, anxiety attack happening again.

At my first appointment, I found Natalie really easy to talk to and she explained the process of hypnotherapy to me clearly. I was quite nervous about the therapy at first, but Natalie made me feel relaxed and at ease. Just after a few sessions, I have managed to walk the route again where the first panic attack happened, and even managed to stop and take a few photos to show that I had actually done it. I feel a lot calmer and in control, and also less anxious and more confident within my everyday life. I am very grateful for all that she has done, and would definitely recommend Natalie for anyone looking for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.”

“I had Solution Focused Hypnotherapy treatment with Natalie at the end of last year and felt the benefits almost immediately. Apart from the comforting feeling of knowing that someone has your interests at heart, I suddenly felt motivated again. It’s amazing how changing the way you think and focus can make such a dramatic impact on your daily life! I noticed other changes too, such as a new enthusiasm for exercise and a change in my diet. I found it so helpful and uplifting that I have returned for more! I thoroughly recommend this treatment and Natalie as a practitioner.”

“I haven’t smoked since having hypnotherapy with 7 weeks ago Natalie, which feels amazing. I did still crave for at least the first month, but something had changed in me and I just knew I would never smoke again. I was quite sceptical about having hypnotherapy, but it has worked for me and I know I would never have been able to quit on my own. Natalie is friendly and professional and put me at ease straight away.”

“Natalie has such a calming energy, so it was very easy for me to feel comfortable to open up. She intuitively knew how to direct the sessions in a way that would bring optimal healing and transformation. After my sessions with Natalie, I’ve noticed that my faith in myself has shot up, and I feel empowered to take on my goals with the expectation of success. If you are wanting to positively transform your life, I recommend scheduling a session with her. I appreciate you so much Natalie!”

“The sessions I have had with Natalie have blown me away.

These sessions are incredibly powerful and Natalie’s calm and sensitive manner allow you feel safe and held.

I would highly recommend these sessions.”

 “After I explained my struggles and frustrations to Natalie, she knew exactly what was going on and exactly how to help me shift out of it. 

After just one session everything just made so much sense, and I felt so much lighter and fresher, and had clarity like never before. I am so over the moon to have found Natalie.

Her wealth of experience, intuition, and intellect is just amazing. I really can’t recommend Natalie enough.”

“I would highly recommend anyone interested to book in with her. I felt amazing after the session and although the sessions were some weeks ago, the heaviness I have been feeling has lessened considerably.

Thank you so much Natalie.”

“Hypnotherapy for me was very relaxing and gave me an opportunity to just lay still and free my mind. At moments I would drift off and see bright colours like reds, yellows and blues pulsating and growing. Sometimes I would fall into a deep trance and come back to Natalie’s voice feeling like I had awakened from a deep sleep. I would liken it to having a full body massage but you are healing and maintaining your mind instead of your body.”

“Before my first session I didn’t feel I could go into a hypnotic state but I felt extremely relaxed and was fully aware of my surroundings. I felt in control throughout the whole session and could have stopped it at any time. I have a busy mind but by the time I had my second session, I was able to fully focus on what was being said. I found myself able to visualise the scene described by Natalie and felt myself relax. 

The relaxation I felt during and after the session was the most relaxed I had felt for years. For somebody who permanently suffers anxiety, the after effects of the session relaxed my mind and body for much of the day. I felt safe and secure during the session. 

I intend to experience more sessions of hypnotherapy as I feel they will help me with my depression and anxiety when all other treatments have failed.”

“I think the discussion before the actual hypnotherapy is very important it helps you focus on why you are there and helps prepare you for the session. It settles you down before you actually get on the couch.

During the hypnotherapy it was like drifting away somewhere else. For me it was quite a surprise because normally I cannot, for example snooze in the daytime and with my misophonia I am hypervigilant for sounds. I could hear sounds, other than her voice, but I could ignore them. Sometimes I even zoned out from her voice and then zoned in again.

I saw different things when I was under. The first session was all colours. Once I saw script like runes. Sometimes shapes. Nothing scary. Afterwards you do feel very relaxed although I was OK to drive home. 

I feel overall it has benefitted me, in respect to the reason I went. I also feel it has had a knock on effect helping my with another issue (the weight loss).”

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